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Span classnews_dtjun 03 2007spannbsp018332at each date austin must evade his blind date but still accomplish certain task help him accomplish his task without letting his bad date catch up to him you will only be caught if she gets to you but beware that she moves a little faster once you are in her line of sight.

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But dating a frat boy is not all wine and roses hell its not even guns n roses here are a few reasons why you should let these greek cutie pies cook a little more in.

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Frat boy behaviour is typified by drinking shitty beer hitting on high school girls making fun of punks and wearing boring clothes dude these fucking frat boys came to the show at bernies the other night and they started some shit but my dudes and i kicked their bitch asses.

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Kidding but really when you date a frat dude suddenly hes always offering jackets when its cold and tshirts when a new order comes in im a college girlim poor any comfy shirts you offer me i will gladly accept dating a guy involved in greek life means youve got to.

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So since i am heterosexual id have 15000 men to choose from to date that are enrolled here at ut 16 of them are in fraternities but i stay away from the frat boys.

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Span classnews_dtnov 30 2015spannbsp018332strongfrat boystrong blind strongdatestrong horror strongstrong dont trust your siblings strongmorestrong report need to report the video strongfrat boystrong tinder strongdatestrong story time duration 845.

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Congratulations good work out there boys 9 you call his fraternity family by big little and gbig okay theyre not actually your big little or gbig but they pretty much are although that could border on incestuous lets not think about it too much 10 youve started to actually like beer.

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More from frat boy date

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